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Wellbeing round details

Super League’s mental and physical health campaign returns in 2023, working alongside our clubs and to Tackle the Tough Stuff.

In partnership with Rugby League Cares, the Tackle the Tough Stuff campaign continues to highlight some of the most pressing issues surrounding physical and mental health.

Over Rounds 20 and 21 several members of the Rugby League family will share their deeply personal stories with the hope of reaching out and guiding others who are going through similar experiences. You’ll hear from Danny Kirmond on coping with grief, Lindsey Burrow on facing adversity as a family, plus many others.

The past three years have been incredibly difficult for everyone, leaving many feeling anxious, isolated, or bereaved. Between Covid-19 and a cost-of-living crisis, many people from the Rugby League heartlands have been disproportionately affected. Over 3 million people in the UK are now dependant on foodbanks each year, and 1 in 4 of us suffer from a form of mental health problems.

Over the next two weeks we will shine a light on not only the problem, but the avenue to seek help. Because together, we can Tackle the Tough Stuff.