5 Feb 2020

10 Essentials: Oliver Gildart

It seems as if Oliver Gildart has been in Super League for years, he’s still only 23-years-old and what a career he’s had so far.

2017 World Club Challenge winner, two Grand Final rings, 2017 Super League Young Player of the Year, England International and a Great Britain Lion. 

But what makes the Wigan Warriors centre tick? Here are his 10 Essentials, the first a bold statement, can anyone challenge him? 

PS4 (Call of Duty)

A bold claim and we can’t wait to see who would like to challenge him...

“I’d back myself to call myself the best PlayStation Call of Duty player in Super League – without a doubt.”

Favourite Game Mode: Search & Destroy or Domination. 


Every youngsters favourite pastime, ‘A Cheeky Nandos’, the South African restaurant specialising in Portuguese chicken. Albeit a little overpriced it’s still an easy option if you’re hungry and if you’re brave enough try the Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce or VUSA sauce. 

Gildart’s order: “It’s always got to be Houmous for the starters, Hot Chicken Thighs, Peri-Salted Chips, Spicy Rice & Perinaise.”

Yeezy 350

What are Yeezy’s? Kanye West collaborated with Adidas to bring the Yeezy’s to the forefront as one of the most influential trainer brands in the world. 

“I’m always buying trainers, I’ve got a pretty bad addiction for buying Yeezy’s, my favourite ones in my wardrobe are my all-black Yeezy 350’s.” 

Clothing (Balenciaga Hoodie)

Judge for yourselves if you think he has fashion by taking a look at his Instagram! 

“I definitely think I’m into my fashion, my Balenciaga hoodie is probably my favourite just because it’s so cosy, especially when it’s these cold winter nights and I also always wear a cap, probably my Dsqaured2 cap.”


Gildart’s dogs were a late replacement into his 10 Essentials, replacing another essential, guess you’ll never find out what that was! 

“I love my dogs Oscar and Reggie, a Pug and French Bulldog.”

Red Bull 

He promised this was not because they’re Wigan’s sponsor but actually because himself and teammate Zak Hardaker can’t go without Red Bull.

“I can’t live without Red Bull, people probably think it’s not good for you but they sponsor us at Wigan. I need a Red Bull to get me through the day, especially when I’m tired.”


His Dad, Ian, needs no introduction, he was a former Wigan forward: “So there’s my Dad Ian, my Mum Claire, then my brother and sister, Dom and Isabella."


Follow his Instagram: @gildart3

“I’m always on Instagram and I rate that more than any other social media platforms.”

Barber Bottega

Gildart wanted to shout-out his barber, so why not? 

Want a haircut in Wigan like the England International? “Skin-Fade, thin it out, a little trim on top and sweep it across.”

Grand Final Ring 

As a teenager he won his first Grand Final in 2016, and scored a try in Wigan’s second-half comeback against Warrington. 

“It’s not something I carry around with me, but it’s something I’ll cherish forever with it being my first one when I just turned 19.”

By Warren Holmes