10 Feb 2020

10 Essentials: David Fifita

“I heard Oli Gildart reckons he’s the best player in Super League on Call of Duty - I’m telling you now - Tom Johnstone is!"

David Fifita, Wakefield Trinity’s prop forward, you’re never quite sure what to expect when the self-proclaimed ‘Big Boppa’ steps onto the field. 

With his own slogans like ‘Eat Pies Score Tries’, or ‘Eat Fries Assist Tries’, Fifita is one of Super League’s most charismatic players. 

He’s not hard to miss either, just look for the giant with the mullet and short back and sides. 

Here are Fifita’s 10 Essentials.


We’ve got to set this up, Oliver Gildart vs Tom Johnstone, who’s the Call of Duty king? 

“I love Rainbow Seige - get on it! 

“I heard Oli Gildart reckons he’s the best player in Super League on Call of Duty - I’m telling you now - Tom Johnstone is! 

“You’ll just be playing, and he’ll be with his sniper, shooting you from everywhere.”


Who doesn’t love a holiday? 

“I love Nice in France, but then one of my favourite destinations is Bali.

"It’s not too far away from Australia.”


David Fifita - the family man. 

"It’s a lot different for my kids living in the North of England, so when we go back home, it’s nice to see them back with their cousins. 

“By the time I have finished my business over here, they’re going to be teenagers so they’re going to miss out on the experience of growing up back home.” 


When David Fifita tells you to do something, you do it...

 “Hotels, especially, penthouses, but you can’t just say penthouse, you’ve got to exaggerate the house. 

"So, when you write it, it’s got to be like Pent then HOUSSEEE."


Italian before a game -  carbohydrates - let's hope it’s digested by the time he’s on the field!  

“Mate, what food don’t I like? I love an Italian before a game, love my Thai food, and pies! 

“Although I’m not too sure about the pies over here!” 

KFC Australia

Controversial, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the English KFC...

“Mate, the KFC over here has got nothing on Australia.

“Reece Lyne knows what I mean!

"Over here there’s no salt! You can’t just put a bit on it, you’ve got to cover it.

"LET IT SNOW on the chips!” 


Is Fifita set for a role in media after rugby league? 

“I just like filming our family when we’re on holiday, it’s memories for the kids. It’s just a hobby.

 “No, I’m not looking to go into filming after I’ve retired, it’s too much pressure!” 


Superstitious David Fifita. 

“You can’t just have your music on low, what’s the point? 

“It’s got to be full volume, especially before the game anyway -  I don’t like to talk to people - I’ve got my own superstition. 

“Pre-game the music is on full volume and I’ll walk on the pitch to the posts and back to the halfway line. 

"For 2018, it was the same song every game, and it’s got to last the full distance of my superstition." 


Any takers? 

 “If you can find a sponsor for me that will provide size 15’s, I’d be grateful – nowhere in England sells them!”


Does anyone have any information on the whereabouts of Fifita’s scooter? 

“Can I put my scooter in?  

 “I haven’t got it anymore, someone nicked it and I still haven’t got it back!”

By Warren Holmes