11 Mar 2020

10 Essentials: Willie Isa

Willie Isa tells Super League his 10 Essentials

Willie Isa moved to the United Kingdom back in 2011 when he signed for Castleford Tigers. He’s an adopted Liverpudlian after his move to Widnes Vikings in 2012. In this 10 Essentials, Isa; talks about his love for football, top quality music and Monzo. 

Apple Music

“I can’t function without music; it changes my mood. 

“I have a wide range of music, classical music like Beethoven to Mariah Carey to Jay Z to Dave the UK Grime artist. 

“After games especially if we’ve lost, I’ll listen to Bob Marley, ‘Three Little Birds’, it keeps me chilled man.” 

“I was on Spotify before Apple Music, but it’s all about quality in the sound. The quality in the sound is not good enough on Spotify, so I swallowed my pride and paid for Apple Music."

Gemma Bonner

“She does everything for me, without her, I don’t think I would operate as a normal human being. She’s like the calendar, she’s the chef, she’s everything. 

“We do help each other, but she adds that bit of structure to my life. Like, if anyone calls me, I ain’t getting back to your call man. My phone is always here and there, she’ll always ring the people for me."

Food (Pizza, Meat Feast) 

“I’ve always been a pizza guy, it probably started when my Dad offered me pizza for dinner if I scored two or more tries. 

“My sisters, brothers and mother were relying on me to score the tries so that we could have pizza!” 


“It’s one of the first things that goes into my shopping trolley. It’s something I need, we were on camp with Wigan in pre-season and I had packed everything and bananas had to go in there."

Sky TV (Sports Channel) 

“It’s the only thing I do when I get home! I’ll put either Sky Sports or BT Sport on. I love my sports and football. 

“That’s probably why I have BT so I can watch Champions League. 

“I did like football, but I didn’t know a lot of the teams, I started watching it when I was 10-years-old. 

“I had an athletics coach that was an Arsenal fan, he used to wear the old JVC shirt." 

Liverpool FC 

“I’ve been in Widnes for the last eight or nine years and you’re just surrounded by Liverpool fans. 

“I got myself to Madrid last year, and I was a proper red! 

“Every day I’ll always have a good chat with Ollie Partington because he’s a mad red."


“My first car was a Nissan Pulsar; I was one of those idiots who used to put 20-inch trims on their wheels. 

“I need it to go everywhere, I know it sounds bad, I train for a living, if the shops are two minutes away – I’m driving, I ain’t walking!” 


“It’s the must card to have, I do a bit of travelling. 

“Free to use overseas, no fees, free to sign up to, and it’s recognised worldwide. 

“I want to Dubai, boom, Monzo, no fees – everything paid for!”

North Face puffer jacket

“North Face puffer jacket, I don’t care what anyone says – it’s always cold in England. 

“I have three to rotate every week, when I put a jacket on or a tracksuit on, North Face goes over the top, it’s a must. End of."

Coffee (Independent)

“I was never a coffee drinker until I met my partner. I’m still not a massive coffee drinker but I like the café feel of chilling, relaxing and meeting different people with a nice café vibe. 

“I do like Takk in Northern Quarter, Manchester. You can’t beat it and that’s coming from a Liverpool man!”