23 Apr 2020

Players unite for NHS challenge

All of us are finding new ways to make lockdown easier and pass the time without being able to see our families, friends or team-mates.

One group of Super League players have been filling their days away from the training ground and stadiums with a different type of teamwork – online gaming.

Meet Team Velocity – David Fifita, Tinirau Arona, Bill Tupou, Krisnan Inu, Pauli Pauli and Suaia Matagi.

Better known to most for running hard and tackling harder, Team Velocity have set themselves a challenge to raise money for NHS charities.

Starting at 7pm on Friday 24 April, the team will be settling in for 24hr gaming challenge which will see them face off against other Super League players and even a couple of special squads from down under.

Team Velocity leader, David Fifita spoke to superleague.co.uk to explain why the group were doing the challenge.

“Everyone is going through a tough time and with no Super League we’re just trying to do whatever we can do to keep everyone entertained and at the same time help support the NHS.”

“Recently we’ve come together as a team, it something we like to do away from our life in Rugby as it helps bring all the boys together. We’re no pros it’s just a good laugh between friends”

The boys could face some tough competition amongst other Super League players.

Fifita revealed a couple of Super League players they’ve faced already “Tom Johnstone is a freak at Call of Duty!

Kruise Leeming has a team as well we’ve had a few battles with them. Suaia Matagi used to play for Kruise’s team, but he’s switched his sides now so he’s marked man.

“We’ve got a few matches lined up already for our charity challenge – plus we’ve got some teams from Australia. Andrew, my twin brother has got a team, Boppa Gaming, so we’ll have a UK versus Australia battle with those guys.”

Fans wanting to see how Team Velocity get on and support the boys, or maybe even take them on in a battle can join the action via Twitch or the Team Velocity Instagram account from 7pm on Friday.

You can donate to Team Velocity’s NHS charity challenge here on Go Fund Me