14 May 2020

JJB: My Ultimate Team

1. Paul Wellens

Paul was the safest pair of hands and picture of stability in the back line of the best team I ever played against.  His professional example also taught me lessons in humility and magnanimity 

2. Lesley Vainikolo

Never did a player make me doubt myself as much as Les did, he redefined the role of a winger being an extra forward and was devastating throughout. A real entertainer too attracted audiences to the game

3. Jamie Lyon

This bloke was a magician, I can't think of many overseas players who performed like this guy in Super League. He made the game look easy and for a guy who didn’t look at all athletic, his skill, vision and evasion was as dangerous as I have ever seen.

4. Keith Senior

The Lord Voldemort himself commanded a reverence like no other. His speed and strength was feared internationally and became an unrivalled talisman on the biggest of stages.

5. Jason Robinson

Arguably the most transcendent rugby player of all time, though known for his success playing the wrong code, Billy Wiz never forgot who he was or where he was from. His lightening pace and agility inspired a generation of youngsters.

6. Kevin Sinfield

He’s my closest friend, but even I call him “The Chosen one”. He’s the most immaculate, professional sportsman I have ever met and his disciplined leadership has won me more medals than anyone will ever know. 

7. Danny McGuire

Could have played International at many sports but he chose Rugby League. He’s a picture of competitive talent, if you made a Final with him in the side, you had a 12 point start. Simple as that. 

8. Stuart Fielden

Stu was untouchable in 2006, he was the best prop in the world and was entertaining to watch. I can only describe contact with him as being hydraulic. His limbs moved and felt like he was a vehicle, such was his strength.

9. Keiron Cunningham

I have so much reverence for his successor James Roby, who, in many ways is a more robust player, but Keiron has a statue at St Helens for a reason; in his prime, he was the best. 

10. Jamie Peacock

Alexander the Great of Rugby League - the perfect warrior. If Fielden had a hydraulic body, then JP had a hydraulic mind, he had won his battles before the ball had been kicked off!

11. Adrian Morley

Started out as a back row and conquered the NRL as one and he owned the most important ingredient in RL - Aggression, aggression, aggression. I wanted to be Adrian Morley growing up. I never got close but was honoured to wear his number 11 for 11 years!!

12. Gareth Ellis

Biggest, most precise hitter I have seen, maybe a more sensible version of Moz but with better footwork and offloading game

13. Paul Sculthorpe 

Some say he’s the best to play Super league. Simply 9/10 in every department, athleticism, vision, skill and aggression.  If you put the other 12 players in a cauldron, boiled them up and left them to cool, Scully would emerge as an amalgamation of them all.