20 May 2020

Keith Senior: My Ultimate Team

When Superleague.co.uk asked me who would make it my all-time Super League Ultimate Team, I thought I’d fly through it, but when you actually start to think about it properly and consider all the great players who’ve taken to the field in Super League, this is harder than it looks this. But here’s my team…


Brent Webb - His ability to link into the attacking line and make the right decision with his pass was a pleasure to see. He was a gobby little turd to play against Internationally but a pleasure to play in the same team and be able to link up with. You never knew what Webby was thinking, partly because he never did and that’s what made him such a dangerous threat.


Lesley Vainikolo - Pure brute, devastating runner and one of the nicest blokes you could meet. It’s never nice having a 115kg winger running at you with the pace he had!

Jason Robinson - One of the most successful dual code internationals and you can see why; awful footwork to defend! Thankful he played left wing so didn’t have to deal with him that often.


Matt Gidley - I knew I had to be on top form defending against him, awesome footwork to get on the outside of opposing centres then the ability to draw in the defence and flick the ball with his right hand to his winger.

Paul Newlove - I was lucky to get the chance to play on his wing in 1998. So relaxed but his ability was there to see, lovely left foot step and right hand fend, then the afterburners to skin any fullback.

Half back   

Danny McGuire - I was very fortunate to see him play week in week out. Danny’s vision with his support play was unreal but his ability to step, make breaks and passing game made him a stand-out for me.


Sean Long - Bit of a maverick, but his vision, pace and understanding of the game made him such a great player.


James Graham - I think he sneaks this with his ability to play with the ball. He has a lovely pre-line pass and his attitude, work rate and passion to win, shows every time he walks on the field.

Jamie Peacock - Can't be anyone else, won every honour and has earned the respect for the way he plays the game. Defeat isn’t in his DNA, but skill wise he can’t pass for toffee so you had to be a brave man to run off his tip-ons! He was also the most annoying player to play with, not many props were back in yardage to take a carry so my hit ups were dramatically reduced because of him, if he called for the ball, he got it!!!


James Roby - Keiron comes a very close 2nd for me, this was tough to split. But the kid can do it all and his ability to break down opposing defences is outstanding, and there aren’t many 80 minute hookers left in the modern game.

Second Row   

Adrian Morley - Room mate on the first tour we went on in '96 and both made international debuts on the tour. Moz has shown his class on both sides of the world, a naturally aggressive player with the ability to offload but also had good footwork and pace.

Gareth Ellis - Anyone that goes and knocks the Aussies about in their own back yard and wins player of the year on 3 occasions in a row gets my vote. Can’t half whack for such a quiet, polite guy though.

Loose Forward   

Paul Sculthorpe - He is an all-rounder when it comes to skill, work ethic, attitude and aggression. He was a bloody sh*t for elbowing me in my throat though so I will have to give him “smart” too!