4 Jul 2019

Tackle The Tough Stuff: Paul Highton

Paul Highton: "I nearly left my kids without a Dad, my parents without a son, my brother without a brother.

"The thought of that was like a sledgehammer to the side of my head."

Super League’s biggest ever mental and physical health campaign starts here, ahead of the Wellbeing Round of matches on July 11th and 12th.

In partnership with several leading charities, the Tackle the Tough Stuff campaign will highlight the most pressing issues in men’s mental health.

Men are three times as likely to die from suicide as women and, on average, 84 men take their lives every week

A variety of on-field activities are planned across Super League matches over the next few weeks and several high-profile current and former players have shared their deeply personal stories – from struggling with sexuality and body image to dealing with depression and anxiety.

Tackle the Tough Stuff also focuses on the work done by our foundations in developing learning and physical disability rugby league, which show how sport can make such a huge difference to people’s lives. 


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