15 Aug 2019

Why listen to Out of Your League?

Five reasons why you should listen to Out of Your League Podcast!

Out of Your League Podcast is flying up the Apple Podcast charts, it's also available on Spotify & YouTube. If you listened to it on Apple make sure you subscribe to it and leave a five star review, on Spotify, give it a follow.

1. Reason No.1 is pretty simple, Wigan Warriors and England star George Williams is telling you too!  

2. Dan Sarginson recollects playing in the Grand Final after losing his brother, Catalans Dragons star and Sarginson's former team mate Sam Tomkins says 'it's the most inspirational thing I've seen in my career'. 

3. It's not all about Rugby League or Super League, it's much more than that...and if you're here for some fashion tips, Wigan Warriors star Oliver Gildart is already claiming to be the fashion guru in Super League...

4. There'll be a different guest on it every week with new stories to tell alongside host Will Perry, Jon Wilkin and Mark Flanagan. 

5. It's not all too serious, there'll be some comedy moments...

Available to listen on Spotify & Apple Podcasts, you can also watch it on YouTube.


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