26 Feb 2019

Hull FC's Golden Point delight

"It was a performance based on resilience."

Amidst the new rule changes saw the introduction of ‘Golden Point’, to add excitement to the end of Super League games, a winner and a loser, a drop goal could be the difference. 

It seemed inevitable that during the first round, Golden Point would steal the headlines, but it wasn’t to be, instead games were closer than the previous year, the average points difference was 14.3 against 24.6 in 2018. 

We had to wait until Round Three to see Golden Point in action for the first time, the passion, excitement and relief shown by the winning side indicated how much those vital two points mean, an indication of the positivity surrounding the new rules.

For Hull FC, that passion, excitement and relief - they were all rolled into one - they’d just beaten the 2018 Champions in Golden Point, and won their first game of 2019 season, ending a long losing-streak taking them back to June 2018. 

When Oliver Gildart crossed the line to score a try in the dying moments it looked as though Lee Radford’s men were destined for another loss – FC’s hands were tied – and they had to depend on Zak Hardaker missing a conversion. 

Wigan’s full-back gave them one last chance, a chance to pick themselves up, a chance to give the travelling fans two points to take back to Hull, Hardaker’s wayward kick gave Super League its first Golden Point of the season. 


Radford described Marc Sneyd as ‘Ice-Man’ – he was just that – a drop goal from Sneyd and FC were the first team to profit from Golden Point in the first period of extra time. 

The relief, excitement and joy were pictured and shared, but it was a performance not based on luck, it wasn’t just that ‘Golden Point’ that Sneyd so calmly delivered. 

It was a performance based on resilience – the return of Gareth Ellis after an 18-month retirement. It was a performance based on creativity – Jake Connor and Jamie Shaul – and it was a performance of hope – new signing Ratu Naulago, a serving soldier in the British Army who scored two tries on his debut.

FC will be hoping it is a result that turns their fortunes around after two solid performances in the opening games ended in losses, and what a way to turn fortunes than Golden Point.